The laws passed by our legislators are not at random. The outcomes in a democracy depend on numerous factors, chief amongst them is participation and voices of the citizens. Thomas Jefferson said, “we do not have a government of the majority. We have a government of the majority who participate.” MDAC 2014 is your opportunity to join Muslims from all over California in making our voices heard by our elected officials.

CAIR-CA is proud to announce the third annual Muslim Day at the Capitol. Last year over 125 Californians just like you met with 94 offices to advocate for the passage the TRUST act, and the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights. Both of these laws were enacted last year! MDAC 2013 participants also urged their representatives to reaffirm free speech rights on college campuses.

Join us this year for our largest MDAC yet, as we put leadership in action, and continue to build relationships with our lawmakers, and represent the concerns of California Muslims.

Contact your local CAIR-CA office for more details.

Haroon Manjlai
CAIR-LA Public Affairs Coordinator