At Muslim Day at the Capitol, community members from across California will have an opportunity to meet state legislators, discuss issues of concern and help bring about positive social change.

Never traveled to the Capitol? Never met our lawmakers? Is this the first time you are attending a lobbying day? Do not worry, in the weeks leading up to the event, CAIR-CA will be arranging trainings to make sure that your experience at Muslim Day at the Capitol is fruitful. Community members of all ages are welcome to attend. No prior legislative experience is required. Check back soon for information on a training near you.


I attended MDAC with my IIOC (Islamic Institute of Orange County) Public Relations committee and CAIR teammates. It was a bonding experience, as we all came back energized and eager to partake in local campaigns to improve our greater community. I truly enjoyed campaigning for the social justice issues such as lunch breaks and vacation time for domestic workers, free speech on campuses, and immigration reform.

Annan Aboul-Nasr

Executive Assitant, IIOC, MDAC 2013

I had the privilege to attend the first Muslim Day at the Capitol with my wife and two-year-old son. It was one of the best accomplishments that my family and I did in this country! We were part of the first brave group of California Muslims to knock on the doors of lawmakers in the Capitol and share our views and concerns as Muslims. We felt the energy and level of achievement, when Muslims from different parts of the state came together for one common purpose! We may not see the full impact of this today, but I am quite confident that our children will reap the fruits of such efforts as they are the future of our country.

Issam Lagrichi

Manager, MDAC 2012

The 8th grade class from Granada Islamic School in Santa Clara learned about CAIR’s work and the process of lobbying. The students were particularly impressed that CAIR works to protect the human rights of all Americans, not only Muslims. CAIR also arranged for us to have a tour of the Capitol building, which really helped students appreciate and understand state history and government. Our experience was a perfect balance of civic participation and history lesson, and it helped students feel proud of being Muslim and American. Thank you so much for including us!

Tanya Brauer

Teacher, Granada Islamic School, MDAC 2013

Muslim Day at the Capitol made a lasting impression and filled me with optimism about the future for all Muslims. Not only did we bond with fellow Muslims, we were able to express communal and personal concerns with our Senate and Assembly Members. By attending MDAC, the connection between me and my representatives became a reality, whereas before it seemed a fantasy.

Kevin Iraniha

Account Representative, MDAC 2013

If you aspire towards government or public policy, Muslim Day at the Capitol will definitely feel like your first step in that door. CAIR is truly a blessing in providing their efforts for progress and change by representing all communities throughout our beloved California. I pray our voices and hearts continue in helping those who cannot for themselves.

Yusuf Vidal

Student, Cal Poly SLO, MDAC 2014

I attended the First Annual Muslim Day at the Capitol with my then 15-year-old daughter. I wanted her to get a sense of how the political process worked at the state level and to see it firsthand. The speakers gave us an idea that what we were doing for Muslims on a state level was also beneficial to Muslims all over America and the world. We were really pumped up after our sessions and felt like Muslims could go home and do anything. It was an inspiring experience and I would recommend everyone take advantage of the program.

Nicole Alhakawati

Mother, MDAC 2012

Muslim Day at the Capitol was an empowering and educationally enriching experience. We met with lawmakers and staff to discuss the passing of bills that address critical issues afflicting our community. These bills addressed religious discrimination in the workplace and the lack of access to local authorities for immigrants due to fear of deportation. Not only did this experience give me first-hand experience in lobbying to benefit our community, but it also opened my eyes to issues I never really thought about, like immigration law. This was actually my first visit to the capitol, and I could not have been happier that it was with CAIR. The bill enforcing employment equality for all faiths was actually passed a few months after our visit. I felt very proud and grateful to be among such a vibrant and passionate group of Muslims, fighting for the rights of all Americans at the Capitol.

Ahmed Abdelgany

Student, UCR, MDAC 2012